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Bored Rules

Post by Boyak on Thu Feb 07, 2008 6:07 am

01. Welcome to our website
Our website offers you loads of different things you and other people can use for photoshop and other picture making software.
Please take your time and get used the our forum and the rules. Thanks and have fun!

02. Forum FAQ
Before Posting in the forum please go have a look at the FAQ page if your not 100% sure what to do in this forum.

The download page is free and all you do to get these downloads is reply to the post and it will give you a link use that link in your Internet browser and from there you should be able to download that file.

04. Please don't use these topic titles
Please don't use the following:


Or Any Others Like Them!

If you make your title sharp and catching that gets the point of what your talking about over then you might get a reply quicker.

05. Post as much information as you can
When asking for some help or information please tell them as much as you can so the people reading it can understand and follow what your talking about.

06. Existing topics
If another topic is similar to one your about to make then don't make it. Post in the Existing topic thats all ready there.

07. Post your topic in
Please post your topic in the topic thats most suited for it. this will help get a nice and fast reply to your post but also keep the forum nice a tidy.

08. Reporting
If someone is spamming the forum or miss using the forum then just send one of the admins a message with the topic thats got miss used and the user name of the person who did it.

09. Language
Any offensive, crude, racist language will not be allowed in this forum. if you are seen posting any of them you will be warned then carry on and it may lead into a ban. You Have Been Warned!

10. Advertisement
Advertising other websites are NOT welcome in this forum so please do NOT advertise any other websites.

11. Private messages
Spamming Private Messages is NOT allowed we can tell if you do and if you do do this you will be warned then if you carry on it may lead to a ban.
Advertising other websites in Private Messages is NOT allowed if you do start doing this you will be banned with no warning! Or maybe even be IP Banned! You Have Been Warned!


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