How to Convert DVD to iPad Format?

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How to Convert DVD to iPad Format?

Post by yesi on Tue Dec 20, 2011 5:59 am

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

When there was a time when iPhone, iPad, iPod wasn't born and Internet wasn't so disseminated,
you may have a trifle memory of what I am talking about, that's DVD time. Thought I wasn't an
adult at that time I still found a box of DVD of my own. Remember that time DVD was no longer
a way of watching movies or just a way of population spreading, I have to say that it has become
a feeling that hard to detach ourselves. Indeed those bling disc bring ineffaceable joy to me.
A generation has a unique kind of memory, I think everyone was the same ,this memory will fade
by time and leave little vestige in the long course of history, and we know we will be the same too.

Cast aside our emotion, they are really take up space, a friend of mine is so obsessed that he
bulit a wall of bookshelf especially for his lovers. Eveytime I went to his house and looked at
that wall, from bottom to the ceiling, I really have to use the word 'epic' to describe, sighing
that instead of chair a ladder is needed for him to reach the top ones, meanwhile worring that
wheather he will survive if they happened to slip. And if he want to change living place, those
'lovers' made their owner become a 'hater' immediately. His baggage will have dozens of boxes in
addition. He love them but can't retaste because information is more and more and his time was not
so much. So DVD were truly turned into his tangible memory.

One of my cousin bought a super capacity hard disc, then convert them all and store them , and the
remains all sold waste. Or you can donate them to the game of chopping cucuber as saucers, and win a
name of selfless patron. Today I want to share my cousin's way of dealing DVD. You can put the converted
ones to your iPad, iPod, iPhone or other device. Popular Apple product formats are H.264, MPEG-4, AAC,
and we need a converting tool, I use iCoolsoft as the example. let's begin our steps.

First download iCoolsoft DVD to iPad converter, launch and install the software.
Then load your DVD, click "Load DVD" to load DVD, DVD Folder, or DVD IFO.

After you select the file you would like to add, you will see the window below, select the mode you prefer
then click button "OK".


You can preview the DVD file in the preview pane and take snapshot of the scenes you like the most.
Click "Screen shot" button and the picture will be saved as default format in default folder.
Click "Open folder" button then you can open the folder to find the pictures.

Step 2: You can select the Audio Track and Subtitle, specify the output format, and set the output
destination at the bottom of the main interface like the following:


If you need, you can click button "Settings" to set the output parameters.

Step 3: Select a video and use "Effect", "Trim", or "Crop" button on the tool bar to edit videos as you like.

If you want to merge several clips into one file, you can select the files you would
like to merge then click the "Merge" button. The merged file will be listed in the file list.

Step 4: Click button "Convert" to start converting DVD to iPad format.

Their company offered DVD to iPod Converter and DVD to iPhone Converter, but according
to my observation they are the same as DVD to iPad Converter, just have difference in name.
If you really need this kind of software, a DVD Video Toolkit can meet all you needs,.


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