How to convert MTS files to iPhone on Mac

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How to convert MTS files to iPhone on Mac

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How to convert MTS files to iPhone on Mac

Post by aineykirsten on Thu Dec 23, 2010 10:44 am

Q: What the format of camera?
A: Your camera format is .MTS. MTS format is a very new and popular HD video format at present. It displays on the software and camera, when the video is mainly obtained by Sony HD hard disk video camera or the other brands video recording without the collection.

Q: I want to transfer Sony HD camera files to my iPhone. How can I do?
A: You need video decoder and video encoder. Now, I recommend you use Mac MTS Converter. This MTS Converter on Mac is the best MTS Converter for Mac that I have used.

Q: How can I use it?
A: Step 1: Free download and run MTS Converter for Mac.
Step 2: Load your MTS videos to Mac MTS Converter

Step 3: Convert MTS to AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG, etc. on Mac OS X
Select the output format in profile drop down-list as your video formats MP4.
BTW, MTS Converter for Mac also support such as AVI, MOV format.
Step4: Click “Convert” button to get your MTS files on your iPhone.

Q: I got it. But I also have a problem that I just need the most exciting part of MTS files. Can you help me to solve this problem?
A: Sure. MTS Converter for Mac also has this function. Click "Trim" button to trim video and get your exciting part of MTS files.

Q: Ok. Thank you! Could you introduce MTS Converter for Mac’s function to me?
A: Effect
Click "Effect" button to adjust the effect of the video and the window as follow:

Click "Crop" button to have the full screen cropped video 16:9,4:3 for you.

Edit the watermark with text or picture to your videos.

If you want to enjoy MTS Video Converter on Mac, just free download Mac MTS Converter.


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