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Post by gossipman on Tue May 10, 2011 5:46 pm

I jailbreak for the better usability of the device. SBSettings, BiteSMS, Multiflow, Backgrounder, etc, etc. Put those apps on a native iPhone/iPad and jailbreaking will be unneeded. My iPad 2 would flow much nicer once it can be jailbroken to operate like my iPhone 4. As for stealing apps, please, why spend hundreds of dollars on these devices in order to steal a few dollars in apps! Developers who do good work deserve to be paid for a skill myself and others do not have. convert from avi to wmv Yep, I'm still sitting on 4.2.1 waiting for the 4.3.1 JB. 4.2.1 is the first time I jailbroke so I'm curious how the upgrade process works, and how much I'll have to re-do (like organizing apps in infinifolder or settings to bitesms, etc.)

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