How to read ePub e-books on iPad

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How to read ePub e-books on iPad

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How to read ePub e-books on iPad

Post by freedenton on Sat Dec 18, 2010 8:42 am

How to read ePub e-books on iPad
Recently, I got a new iPad. and I often read e-books on line with my mobiles, but now I want to read them on my iPad, but I got the e-books from the internet are PDF format, so I know, I need to convert them to ePub format which the iPad support. As you know, if you download some e-books to your iPad, I think it will not be recognized by the iPad.
Some days later, I use Google search find a tool like PDF to ePub software, and free download one to trial, and I find it can convert PDF files to ePub format. So i recommend you with this tool which is named PDF to ePub Converter. Why? Because of it will solve your problem. PDF to ePub Converter is a professional PDF to ePub conversion tool, with this popular tool for your iPad, you can easily read your e-books on your iPad, you can choose one page to convert, some pages to convert, and all pages to convert. it will preserve the original texts, layout, images, hyperlinks and everything.

Now I will show you the summary of the steps for you to convert your PDF files to ePub format to use for your iPad.
You can free download this PDF to ePub Converter to your local disc, install it on your PC, after double click the desktop icon, you can use it.

Step 1: Add PDF files
Click "Add File" or "File" button to load PDF files you want to convert.

Step 2: Edit PDF files
Through "Output Folder" to reset path for your output files, "Rename" edit output files.

Step 3: Start to convert
Convert files Click "Convert" button to start converting the files.
The whole process only takes a few seconds can be completed. The conversion is fast and simple, and also the high quality of the exported file, is not a very worthwhile product? More important thing is, you can have free trial for this best free software. Express your actions.

So I think after the three steps, you will get the perfect ePub e-books as you like. And if you want to find a free one, I think you can try this Free PDF to ePub Converter.


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How to convert MTS to MP4 and MKV on Mac OS X?

Post by maidabrook on Wed Dec 22, 2010 8:52 am

How to convert MTS to MP4 and MKV on Mac OS X?

What is the different between MP4 and MKV?
MP4 files must contain audio in AAC format and video in MPEG-4 format. MP4 files can only support one audio track, and subtitles must be saved as a separate file.

MKV is a common video file defined by Matroska Media, a new multimedia package format. The feature of MKV is that it could hold many types of encoded movie or film, sound and subtitles flow, and even very closed streaming media like QuickTime and RealMedia. Actually, AVl, WMV, ASF, MPEG, RM also belong to a container format as MKV does.

Wanna to share HD Camcorder (MTS format) to your MP4 and MKV on Mac OS X, you just need MTS to MP4 Converter for Mac and MTS to MKV Converter for Mac

Part 1: How to convert MTS to MP4 on Mac?

Step 1: Load Video
Click “Add File” to load MTS video that you want.

Step 2: Choose Your Output Profile
Choose the suitable category and MP4 as output format through clicking profile former drop-down list and the next one.

Step 3: Conversion
After you have done all the steps above you can click “Convert” button to start your conversion.

Part 2: How to convert M2TS to MKV on Mac?

Step 1: Add File
Click “Add File” button to add MTS files.

Step 2: Choose Profile and Settings
Select MKV as your output profile and adjust the settings of your output video if you like.

Tips:The default setting works well.

Step 3: Start Conversion
Click “Convert” to begin your conversion.

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Post by gossipman on Tue May 10, 2011 5:35 pm

When a comment exceeds your ability to not pee your pants laughing, it sort of becomes…magical.That, and I have to delete and unistall/reinstall everytime I want to upload a picture…. >:(Of course, because top notch French researchers have no greater ambition than to work at Apple. dvd copy on mac When Woz is quoted, people listen. When Woz is misquoted, as he was here, stock prices drop. And as for iOS playing catch-up? Not so. See Ted, you're operating under the misconception that there can only be one set of features. Most people using the iPhone recognized it already multitasked far better than any other smartphone. Granted, you couldn't listen to Pandora and write an email, but I don't use Pandora, so I listened to my music using the iPod app while reading Google Feeds, checking email, chatting with my wife and laughing at people who said, "Don't you want a phone that multitasks?" Now with the abomination of iOS 4, I'm actually less productive. I have to jailbreak my phone just to turn that crap off so I could get work done again. iOS is not playing catch up with anyone, because they're running a completely different race. Realize that and you'll be happier with whatever device you have.

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Re: How to read ePub e-books on iPad

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