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Post by gossipman on Tue May 10, 2011 4:43 pm

Opening iPhone sales to multiple providers in the US isn't like offering iPhones on different providers elsewhere in the world. The US providers are split up by type (GSM, CDMA…) and then each type has unique frequencies. While you can (if not may) move the iPhone from provider to provider by swapping a SIM card moving from provider to provider in the US would require replacing the physical radio (and drivers…).Thank the FCC when it decided that standards inhibit innovation. The result is inefficiency and less competition.Bottom line – selling the iPhone on multiple vendors in the us is more than a marketing decision. It can be done, but technically it's a different iPhone. As such there may be differences in battery life, reception… From a marketing point of view it's one step away from the monolithic model and a step closer to the multiple hardware offerings of WP7 and Android. convert mov to avi free Did a quick count. About 1/4 of the apps on my phone are games (many that look promising that I just haven't gotten around to yet). The rest are Apps I actually use quite regularly, or at least occasionally. Damn useful device, this iPhone is.

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