How to Convert DVD to iPad/iPhone3,4/iTouch3,4/Apple TV?

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TOP iPad Manager

Post by maidabrook on Mon Dec 13, 2010 11:43 am

TOP iPad Manager

In order to manage your iPad better and enjoy the wonderful colorful digital life, I strongly recommend you the tool---iPad Manager, with the iPad Manager, you can easily convert any parts of DVD/video/audio sources to iPad readable format before importing to iPad, iPhone, iPod, so it is a all-in-one software.

Most importantly, the iPad Manager can be used to transfer files from PC to iPad and iPad to PC without the assistance of iTunes. Therefore, it is so useful and convenient for users to manage themselves iPad.

Besides, the iPad Manger can also transfer video/audio/image files to iTunes directly. What a wonderful tool! I believe you should have try it to manage your iPad.

What functions does the iPad Manager have?

1.Easily Convert files to iPad
It is no doubt that iPad Manager can help you convert music, video, photo, book files and folders to iPad directly. And there is no annoying "Sync" process, you just need to choose file and copy to iPad.

2.Smoothly Convert iPad to PC
The wonderful iPad Manager allow you to transfer videos, songs, photos from iPad to computer, so that you can copy iPad videos/music/photos to hard drive as backup.

3.All Apple devices can be supported
It is so surprise for users, all types of iPad, other Apple products are also supported, including all generations of iPod shuffle, iPod nano, iPod touch, iPod classic, iPhone, etc, you are just need the iPad Manager.

4.Quick to search
Via the iPad Manger, you can search files in the categories of Genre, Artist and Album quickly.

If you desire to get more specify information about iPad Manager, you can visit the below webpage:

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Post by gossipman on Tue May 10, 2011 4:25 pm

I think it's an indication of iPhone 5 coming. They know that people will upgrade and they are trying to get more bang for their buck here. If they did it when iPhone 5 is announced WWDC 11 we hope then that would be pretty crapy. So why not implement it now. mov to flv converter Yep, there seems to be one app in iTunes but don't know how it compare to the official Facebook feed contents wise. But it is interesting that there is an official channel for this that is directly compatible with iOS devises. Now if only we had this level of control (live-able from the lives we intrude) access, maybe we could have avoided some very sad events.

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