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Post by gossipman on Tue May 10, 2011 3:57 pm

Just a probably irrelevant quip: Going back to the days of the Newton, I thought there was a vague plan for a whiteboard size touch device after a phone size and slate size touch device took off. I don't expect that, but I wouldn't be entirely surprised. Comments? convert mov to avi free If you want free apps in the US, try Freeappaday.com, freeappcalendar.com, appventcalendar.com, or many of the other free app distributors out there that already do this. No need to whine about not getting free stuff.Oh and something happened to Donny's link but just in case anyone needs it, you can copy and paste this:of_ChristmasIn the US, thanks to sleazy marketers and advertisers, the twelve days of Christmas has erroneously described as the 12 days before Christmas, when in every Christian sect it's the 12 days after. The marketers simply want to get everyone excited about buying stuff for Christmas so they run specials and badly title them "12 days of christmas shopping spectacular" or something else equally awful to entice buyers to come into the store. Don't believe it.

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