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Blu-ray disc

Post by maidabrook on Wed Dec 22, 2010 5:56 am

Blu-ray disc
Blu-ray Disc (official abbreviation BD) is an optical disc storage medium designed to supersede the DVD format.There are many advantages of Blu-ray Disc.

1.Long life

Blu-ray Disc format, the design life of at least 10-15 years. The 25 to 50GB storage capacity can accommodate the high quality of the existing high definition video, to meet the highest standards of data storage needs.

2.Large capacity

Blu-ray is by far the largest capacity consumer media, the media, but also much higher than the other to promote the format. Because of its huge capacity, Blu-ray Disc high bit rate can not only record high-quality high-definition video (to avoid because of the high compression ratio and reduced image quality), but also for existing and new applications opened up a smooth way.
Despite many advantages, but blu-ray disc is still not universal, many devices do not support blu-ray movies. Now Blu-ray Ripper and Blu-ray disc Ripper software allows you to easily retrieve the Blu-ray movies, Blu-ray high-definition video, and convert the m2ts video popular video formats, but there are mutifuntional iPhone / iPod for a transfer of ringtones making software and iPhong.
Now through 4Easysoft blu-ray Ripper to introduce the use of Software:

Step 1 Download and install the Blu-ray Ripper

Step 2 Launch it after successfully installed, Double click this Blu Ray Ripper, then you will see the following screen.

Step 3 Load Blu Ray

Click the Load Blu-ray button, then you can load your favorite Blu Ray as you like.If you want to merge the selected contents into one file you can click the merge button. As default the merged file is named as Merge.
(1)Click Rename to name the merged file.

(2) Click Clear all to delete all your added files.

(3) Right click the selected file to select "Move Up" or "Move Down" to adjust the sequences for the merged file.

(4)Directly drag other added files to the queue of merged file.

Stelp 4 Convert Blu Ray

When you get ready to convert your movie, click Start to start conversion.Before you start conversion, you can click the "Option" menu to adjust the settings related to conversion.

When all have completed,click Start to convert Blu ray. And then you can preview the effect in the following screen.

After successful completed the converting, the result will be stored on the destination folder you previously selected.
That's it! Get ready to enjoy them.

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Post by gossipman on Tue May 10, 2011 3:24 pm

+1….. this would be very cool….. Especially if the app data was fully sync'd between OSX and iOS I'm running out of love for Osfoora. If this is any good, and not too pricey, I'll spring for it.If Steve announces this at the WWDC I'm sure we will have com avi to mpeg converter That was awesome. The end reminded me of the classic "You're going to need a bigger boat" line from Jaws. OT a bit, does it ever get warm or green in Canada?

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