How to enjoy DVD movies on PSP, PS3

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Post by ipadgeek on Thu Dec 02, 2010 12:16 am

Iíd prefer this HP Slate over the iPad. This is a lot more functional. The iPad is like something that shares most of the functions that a computer has but not all. That works with a phone, but not with a big *** iPad. The purpose of a phone isnít to be computer, so when you make give it almost all of a computerís functions, itís awesome. Same with an iPod. But when you try to carry that same concept over to the iPad, it falls flat considering the iPad doesnít have a main function to justify the fact that it canít do what this thing can do. Itís not like itís supposed to be an MP3 Player like the iPod Touch, and itís not like itís supposed to be a phone like the iPhone. With it having no real purpose other than to be big, itís like ďWhat is it?Ēconvert AVI to VOB

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