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Post by ipadgeek on Wed Dec 01, 2010 11:33 pm

Nope Gamecube can only play Gamecube games, actually my kids have a Gamecube and the game discs are very small, they can fit in the palm of your hand. PS2's discs are normal size, DVD size. PS2 can only play PS2 games, and I think maybe some or all PS6 ga记΢�͵貸΢�͵莠΢�͵蒨΢�͵薰΢�͵蚸΢─Ͷ銈΢■Ͷ钀΢⥠Ͷ辠΢⭀Ͷ蒐͝⯠Ͷ镰΢ⲀͶ陠΢ⴠͶ靐΢゠Ͷ鬐΢㛠Ͷ鳰΢㨀Ͷ鷠΢㪠Ͷ黨΢㭀Ͷꀈ͝㯠Ͷꄐ͝㷀Ͷ薀͝㹠Ͷꈘ͝㼀Ͷꌈ͝肠ͻ虰͝跀ͻ蝠͝

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