Read Before Posting!

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Read Before Posting!

Post by Boyak on Sat Jan 26, 2008 8:39 am

Here members can put things for other users to use/download/learn.

Before you do! click Others just below the Subject when making new topic then click Hidden! and hide ONLY the link! only do this when your making a new topic don't do it in a reply to another post. this is to make it so you have to reply to the topic made to see what the hidden link is.

Or you can do it this way, Your Text! then to hide only the link you do this,
Please put Reply To This Post To See What's Hidden before the hidden link so people know there's a hidden link!

You Have To Reply To See The Hidden Content

See below what you would hide and what you don't hide.
Example: Hi this is a good site! < do not hide that text! only hide the link your putting in. You only put that link in the hidden code Nothing else other wise the other users wont be able to see what you have posted.


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